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Sunday Drive - 08/07/2022 Edition

Sunday Drive - 08/07/2022 Edition
A Sunday Drive Around the Internet

👋🏻 Hello friends,

Greetings from Ellicottville, NY! Take it easy and enjoy this week's leisurely Sunday Drive around the internet.


In honor of the wedding we're attending this weekend, the vibe of the week is Bob Seger's rendition of C'est La Vie, a fun and light-hearted song about young love and the difficulty of knowing how things in life might turn out.

Quote of the Week

"Nothing is more persuasive than the opinion you desperately want to believe is true."
- Morgan Housel

Chart of the Week

This week's chart highlights the linkage between global semiconductor sales and overall global economic activity.

💭  Thought Bubble of the Week

This section of the Sunday Drive is intended to serve up seedling ideas which may ultimately grow into more fully developed pieces to be published on NewLanternAdvisors.com. I'd be most grateful if you'd share any thoughts, suggestions or feedback.

Referencing the Chart of the Week, we see that historically, semiconductor sales were much more volatile than the overall economy, but in the last decade have become much less so. While chip demand may have softened somewhat recently, I suspect that softness will serve as more of a relief of supply chain constraints than as an indication of global economic weakness.

In the markets, we're back to "good news is bad news" where stocks and bonds fell late in the week after surprisingly strong employment numbers led investors to believe that the Fed will have to continue to rapidly raise interest rates to slow the current pace of inflation. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Interesting Drive-By's

🤔  Timeless Lessons from Great Investors - There is no single way to be a great venture investor. Some firms succeed by moving quickly; others rely on intense deliberation. One fund may routinely back the hottest startups in the market, while another capitalizes the under-loved. All of which is to say that one person’s “timeless wisdom” is unlikely to resonate universally.

💡  US Regulators will certify the first small nuclear reactor design - Small modular reactors have been promoted as avoiding many of the problems that have made large nuclear plants exceedingly expensive to build. They're small enough that they can be assembled on a factory floor and then shipped to the site where they will operate, eliminating many of the challenges of custom, on-site construction. In addition, they're structured in a way to allow passive safety, where no operator actions are necessary to shut the reactor down if problems occur.

💪🏻  How 3D Printing Is Set to Revolutionize Personalized Healthcare - From cosmetics to rocket ships and nearly everything in between, these new technologies are redefining how things get made. According to Global News Wire, the global 3D market is revolutionizing nearly every facet of manufacturing today and is projected to grow from $18 billion in 2022 to $84 billion by 2029. Perhaps the most inspiring applications of these new technologies have been in the health and medical industry, where the individualized nature of patient care makes the customization capabilities of 3D printing an ideal fit.

⚾️  RIP Vin Scully - The sports world lost a broadcasting legend this week. I thought I'd pay tribute to him by including this 10 minute video from the 1988 World Series. You'll see a double dose of talent with Vin doing what he did so well for so many years, and Kirk Gibson's heroic game winning home run. I think it's well worth the time to watch.

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